Read Nashik Read !

        Reading is an integral activity of our life. Reading is learning, it understanding, it is educating, it is making things easier for us. In a way it is an essence of our life.

          A two year old tiny tot embarks upon his educational journey reading  A,B,C…          A retired person spends majority of his life span after retirement reading anything and everything under the sky. And the others in between are continuously in the process of reading something. Be it an email, a project report, an application, a memo, a work schedule, a whatsapp message, an FB post or a newspaper. To Read is simply indispensable with. And what to say for a student , the life itself in personified by reading ! From KG to PG , one has to be a  reader. Reading is the Key for a successful student.

        Each one of us has his or her own reading reading style. There is absolutely no harm in having our own variations. However we must understand that we have to read with a purpose. Reading should not be just for the sake of reading. ” FOCUSSED READING ” is the need of the hour. Learning the best way to read is what needs to be understood. The perfect technique of reading imbibes in itself the following-

  • Speed Reading
  • Understanding what you read
  • Retaining what you have read.
  • Assimilating and analyzing  what is read.
  • Reproducing at the required juncture the proper matter which is read.

      Thus to reach these objectives of Reading with a purpose one must

  • Create interest in what is being read.
  • Increase the reading speed.
  • Increase the memory power.

      The average reading speed of a normal person is 100 to 300 words per minute. However a human brain has the capacity to read up to 1000 words per minute. Thus a special endeavour should be made towards achieving these goals by each and every reader. And FUTURE MANTRA is exactly coming to help the Nashikities in achieving these goals by successfully implementing  proper reading techniques.

       On successfully implementing these techniques a student reader will excel in academics. He/She will happily like to read and refer to more and more reference books , no matter however fat they are. Productivity on reading will multiply. Presentation skills will improve. And most important cracking of exams will be as easy as never thought of earlier.

     Adult readers will stand to gain a lot by incorporating these techniques. Their perspective towards reading will change. A tremendous boost in the capacity of the brain to carry on huge information will be witnessed. Interest will enhance to refer to many reference books to reach the desired information with easy.

   So Nashikities get ready to taste the tempting, sumptuous and wholesome feast of Reading. Get set to make your reading journey thoroughly enjoyable and memorable . The wait will end soon to see the mystery unfold of Read Nashik Read.


  • Balaji Commerce Academy
  • Future Mantra



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