Gratitude to the Parents 

At the outset I congratulate you for being a strong support for your child in his/her educational journey so far. Some of you might be doing it by actively involving yourselves in their educational process. Others might be extending support by giving them the right resources. While still others might be reciprocating to their decisions by wholeheartedly supporting them. Whichever way you may be doing it, is surely the best way.

Till recently, career in Commerce was given a second priority. However things have changed for the better. Students opt for this career by choice and even parents readily agree. Opportunities are increasing day by day, thus enabling students to take up challenges in the field. Professional courses have always been the first choice for most of the students, especially the meritorious ones. Completing 12th and then preparing for entrance exams is the most common way to proceed. Some however are early starters. They prepare for these courses while in 11th Std. This is simply the great way. Another alternative is completing Graduation in Commerce or Administration and then doing Post Graduation in Management. A chunk of students take this path. Post Graduating in Commerce and shifting to educational degree in Commerce teaching is another growing field. Civil Administration is also an area to venture out after graduation. Some choose Banking and Insurance as further specialisation fields. Other offbeat vocations like Business Journalism, Financial Analysis, Risk Management, Investment Consulting, etc. are also being explored by a few pathbreaking students.

Selecting a proper career and successfully completing it is a very gruelling process. Years of hard work go in to achieving it. Students try their level best to reach the set goals.  Parents have a key role to play, by extending a strong and continued support system.

Here begins the real story. Studying to reach career goal is one part. And walking steadily over the selected path is another. Success and failure of a student to reach the defined career goal has many perspectives. Studies, though , are a major part, are definitely not the only one. The other aspect is a well planned, self-focussed, self-disciplined journey towards goal attainment.

Studies and coaching are usually given priority by students, which is the right thing to do. But what is overlooked are those areas which have now been discussed.

As a Commerce student, one has a typically set daily routine. Three to four hours of college, followed by two to three hours twice or thrice a week of professional coaching, if students have opted for it. But for those who don’t opt such courses, except college and regular coaching , at least four to five hours in a day are absolutely free. Being in Commerce coaching for more than 16 years , I’ve seen that the most productive hours of students are absolutely wasted. For this scenario, neither the students nor their parents are to be blamed. It is lack of awareness about the market reality. Complexities of businesses are increasing by the day. Mere bookish knowledge is no longer sufficient to sustain in this era of cut throat competition.

Many commerce students from Nashik pursue higher studies across metro cities of India. It is categorically observed that students from Nashik are far behind times. They can’t compete with their contemporaries from big cities. Their level of knowledge and skills differ substantially and there is a huge difference in attitude, behaviour, personality and perceptions of Nashik students vis-a-vis metro students.

Keeping this in mind, Balaji Commerce Academy and Future Mantra is designed exclusively for the purpose. It is coming up in a big way to equip commerce students with required knowledge, skills and attitude for a progressive future. A very different, interesting, fun-filled and out of the box programmes are set to commence, those that aim to groom commerce students to make them future ready, so that they can take up any related field of study with confidence. It will not only enhance their skill sets but will charge them up to take their career head-on with open mind and broadened vision. Career planning with a positive attitude and helping to ease out future complexities of students will be our focus.


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9 thoughts on “Gratitude to the Parents 

  1. Dear Vikram super analysis about commerce student . I liked the idea of capitalising free time which acommerxe guy gets compared to science guy. If really something is worked out the students can derive lot of benefits . Looking forward to hear from u again


  2. Hi, very nicely​ written blog. Precisely & Succinctly you have brought out the requirements of present times.
    Keep it up


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